Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Preview Chapter Signs

Chapter 1

Starts with the sign for Hell, the ruler of the Crack. The sign is a
death’s head and the ring around his neck implicates the never ending
circle of life.

Chapter 2

This half angel wing stands for Novem and New York, both are new
things in Jo’s life and much more is going to change in her life from
now on.

Chapter 3 

The nine is Novem’s angel number. Novem means nine in Latin.

Chapter 4

The broken celtic heart is a symbol for Jo’s broken heart and failure to
love someone unreachable to her.

Chapter 5

Key’s always lead somewhere. Jo will find new challenges not only in
her love life.

Chapter 6

One of the most complicated signs is the triskele. It’s supposed to
reflect the World in Between in its weird structure and consistence
which is unknown. The actinolite stones are the way for the angels to
get from the Empire of the Angels to the World in Between and from
there down to earth.

 Chapter 7

A fallen Angel, like Novem, connects with the celtic knot,
because life and one’s soul is as endless as the celtic knot.

Chapter 8

Is a medaillon of Aston, and has the angel tear engraved. Aston got it
in the past and now is ready to give it up and pass it on to Jo and

Chapter 9

The bitter Rose of love holds Jo and Novem together.

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