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Nach ihren Gedichtbüchern enführt Euch Isabella auf ihre nächste spannende Reise - ihr erster Roman ist am 29.12.2012 bei Amazon Kindle erschienen. Und arbeitet an der Fortsetzung! Hol Dir jetzt den Roman und tauche in die Welt von Jo Anders und dem Engel Novem!

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  1. After releasing her poembooks Isabella has now written her first novel. She had been working on the story of Jo Anders and Novem for years and through her travelling experiences and the support of her friends she now kick starts "Cracks - A Mysterious Love." The First Chapter in English is already available. For more stay tuned.

  2. Love to get inspired by music: While writing Cracks I listened a lot to "I follow rivers" Triggerfinger.

  3. Ich lass mich gern von Musik inspieren. Während ich "Cracks" geschrieben habe, habe ich oft "I follow Rivers" Triggerfinger gehört.

  4. Books that inspired me: Hotel New Hampshire by John Irving, Der Strand der Träume by Sergio Bambaren, Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

  5. For the part of Khaled, Jo's big love, I got inspired by the Song "Desert Rose" that was sang fantastically by Vinh & Momo in the German TV Show "The Voice of Germany, originally sang by Sting and Cheb Mami.

  6. A lot of things drove me to write Novem's parts especially when I was writing his thoughts I listened to Tal Ofarim, who performed the song "Purple Rain" at an event in Munich (originally by Prince).

    Here is the video:

    By the way his father is the great singer Abi Ofarim and his brother Gil Ofarim has already celebrated a lot of success with his own music.
    There's also a special actor who always slipped into my mind during writing. I also loved to listen to "Locked out of Heaven" by Bruno Mars, when I was writing the scenes between Jo and Novem.

  7. Songs I also love and heard during writing the book:

    Rihanna "Diamonds"
    Alicia Keys "Empire State of Mind"
    Goyte "Somebody that I used to know"
    Eko Lsa "An de Grace 2003"
    Razorlight " Wire to Wire"
    Black Sabbath "Paranoid"
    Eminem, Dr. Dre & 50 Cent "Crack in a Bottle"
    Mandy Moore "Umbrella"
    The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army"
    Snow Patrol "Shut your Eyes" & "Crack the shutters"
    Otis Taylor "Nasty Letter"
    Milow "Ayo Technology" & "You don't know"

    Some of them especially when I wrote about the character "Caspo". Guess which one :-)